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KringleCon2 Lessonized (sort of)

Lessons and Walk-through


For the last two years I’ve turned each terminal and objective into a lesson format that I can use with my Infosec class for High School seniors. This year there are so many terminals and challenges that I could only create lessons some of them and will provide a walk-through for the others.

Several of these challenges are well suited to become lessons. So far, I’ve managed to complete lessons on the Linux Terminals, the Holiday Hack Trail, and the Christmas Cheer Laser. A colleague of mine who teaches Python is interested in a machine learning module, so the CAPTEHA challenge may be next.

Thank you to Counter Hack Challenges and SANS for making this terrific and educational challenge available for free!

Counter Hack Challenges keeps the challenge sites up indefinitely so you will be able to use the challenges and terminals in your classes.

The downloads below are free for your use.  You may edit or use them, but please don't charge for their use.  If you use the lessons, Please let me know how it went, and if I can make changes to improve them.